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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A picture's worth a thousand words... Saint Paul's leaders continue to say Gillette is unattractive so let's tear it down.  The fact is, if we tear this building down, the view beyond will be of the traffic on the Lafayette Bridge, the sense of intimacy Lowertown has will be gone.
Both of these illustrations can become reality, or any number of other possibilities, within the City's $54 million budget.  Below the new pedestrian entrance at the end of Fifth Street is a proposed vehicle entrance into a 500 stall parking lot in the building's lower-level; a recent revision to the plan based upon more community input. 


Anonymous said...

Okay, here's the deal: Mayor Coleman what are you thinking? Where are you?
We just lost Macy's and you still want to destroy something that could bring so much to this city?

Grand Hill Betsy

Warren Olson, Highland park said...

First, thanks for your very, very extensive efforts regarding this
Lowertown Ballpark issue. I was glad to be able to attend the April 10 meeting and impressed with the quality of comments from those in attendance.

Another thought,- All on your email distribution should be encouraged to communicate with their respective Ward council-person by email, letter
or telephone, urging re-use of the Gillette building as part of the
ballpark development.

I am deeply concerned of a possible demise of the Farmer's Market, one of the few JEWELS of downtown St. Paul and a resulting effect on those "growers" livelihood" as well as a loss of parking for those who live
in the area's condos/apartments or those who visit the Farmaers Market in the summer months.

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