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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Minnesota Cricket Assoc: http://www.minnesotacricket.com/ has seen the Gillette building re-use concept. They like it!  Their schedule could accommodate the Saints and other regularly scheduled activities in a Lowertown ballpark.  Fort Lauderdale, FL is the only city with a major stadium for its regional Cricket league.  Minnesota's Cricket league is now 30 teams strong.

Below the Gillette building re-use site plan concept, and the FL Cricket field. Conversion of the Saints ballfield into a Cricket field (150x130 yard oval) can be done in a short amount of time.

We continue to encourage Mayor Coleman to expand the City's vision for what could occur on the Lowertown ballpark site: a unique multiple-use, year-round attraction for Minnesota's Capital City.


Anonymous said...

Just saw this blogpost. Cricket is an interesting game, similar to baseball. Would be good to see it come to downtown Saint Paul. Have lived downtown in the past, it needs much more than it has. Seems years ago there was alot more to do there than now.

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Anonymous said...

One would think with the finances of the city as they are, someone, at city hall would get it and do something remarkable down there.

An Otswego transplant,

Mona Toft said...

As a resident who now lives uphill from Midway stadium in the Hamline Midway neighborhood, I have a suggestion to make about the design of the new ballpark, and that is: make sure they point the PA system away from where people live, because the noise can be terrific and annoying, all summer long.

I think that your group's idea makes a lot of sense.