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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A memorable video you need to see today and share with others who care about Saint Paul.  Click here:


Anonymous said...

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Friday, July 13, 2012 1:12 PM

Wow, what a professional video…. I'm more than impressed!! I just contacted the Mayor's office with my approval of your vision for that area.

Grand Hill Betsy

Anonymous said...

It all communicates beautifully. Great job.


Nancy McCue said...

I was born and raised in Saint Paul, and much of my life has been lived there. Though I am now in Roseville I will always be a Saint Paulite.

This ballpark concept is so incredible. I am formulating a letter to Mayor Coleman.

Dierdre McCullough - Lowertown said...


Is there not a way that you can send an email out that allows the receiver to just press an email address to Mayor Coleman
to vote and "Comment" on this project?

The "Howling for Wolves" has a great email that makes it sooo easy to participate in making your opinion heard.

Thanks for your energy, talents, and visions towards our "Lowertown" and it's future in Saint Paul.


Charles said...

Thought your u-tube video was super!
Here's a thought for the design:
Instead of a upscale sports bar and forcing a operator to create his own traffic on off game days (could be tough) would you consider some type of "Food Court" maybe "Taste of Minnesota", with a common commissary on site. The commissary could be located anywhere in the building with access and service elevators. That would maximize the linear footage available for retail in the court.
More and diverse vendors at a higher occupancy rate only open on active sales periods.
Could get a contract for a commitment to a schedule of events from each vendor. The City loves food trucks, give them a shot at the concessions.
Taste of Minnesota is still a sore point, they'd love to resurrect it.

Charles Senkler said...

Another important detail for the retail off days is curb appeal.
Bar and Restaurant operating in the building would have to have it's own independent entrance off the street.
At Fabulous Fern's the St. Paul Port Authority was not going to allow us to create, at our expense the front doors from the restaurant directly out to the parking lot. It was a deal breaker and they eventually conceded the point and we've been there for 21 years.
All new hotel restaurants demand their own entry and identity.

Bill Hosko said...

This development could do so much for downtown here is an email, inpart, I sent out to people last week:

City Hall's current ballpark plan largely transfers existing jobs and economic activity from one site to another within Saint Paul. In contrast, the year-round, multiple-use concept can for the same funding set the foundation to maximize actual new job creation and economic activity while it benefits citizens, business and property owners, state and local taxpayers, the Saints - their fans and this city far more. Saint Paul cannot afford to look away from this very real opportunity, yet seemingly that is what Mayor Coleman and others intend to do. Why?

Why not allow an open debate that could create so much goodwill and the airing of reasons, for and against, tearing down the Gillette building versus reusing it? Who loses if we do or is it because citywide input may help determine a design not originally thought of?

West Side Gary said...

Thanks for your updates as usual.

I still think a new Saints / City Owned Ballpark would be better located and cost a whole lot less at Plato Blvd. and Robert Street. An easier sell ant the Gillette Building could remain on the tax rolls as a distribution center for 3M or someone.

U.S. Bank Riverside Ball Park has a good feel to it. ( Their parking ramp is already there. )

Nancy McCue in Roseville said...

What's going on with this? Have not heard anything in awhile. These are still my thoughts, for the amount of money we are planning on spending why would we put in a ballpark that is only open a few months out of the year? Downtown Saint Paul desperately needs attractions all year round otherwise this seems a waste of money and the Saints should stay in midway. From an economical standpoint it just makes sense to develop something here which will be used every month of the year.