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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The existing Gillette Building in Lowertown, above, can be viewed either as an eyesore or instead as a blank canvas waiting for a new lease on life as a Ballpark - Amphitheatre mixed-use complex, below.

After more suggestions and questions concerning its interior the five-level set of conceptual floor plans are done. To view all of them see the green presentation link on the left.


Dottie Johnson said...

I attended a meeting Wednesday in Lowertown regarding the Saint Paul Saints ballpark. A concept for the ballpark using the Gillette building, rather than tearing it down, was presented. This would include a combined ballpark and Amphitheatre which would create a multi-use year-round venue. This concept was well received by the group that attended.
The next meeting is Wednesday, April 4 at Golden's Deli, west side of the Farmers' Market, from 6 to 7pm.
The hope is that the Mayor will give this a fair hearing. It deserves consideration.

Bette and Bob Revoir said...

We like the good ideas here, saving the Gillette building sounds like this could work out to be a great space for many things. Our city needs something like this to draw more people to our downtown and make it an exciting place to visit for residents and other visitors.

Anonymous said...

We could use an amphithetater, there's one outside Denver that is fantastic. If there is a ballpark here why not have it do double duty?